Constellation and Star Profiles

Identify Open Star Clusters
Find out how to locate, and tell the difference between, the Pleiades, the Hyades and the Beehive cluster.

More Open Clusters from the New Galactic Catalogue
It's certainly worth looking out for these "jewel boxes": beautiful open star clusters.

Canis Major
The Big Dog is the parent constellation for Sirius, the Dog Star, which flickers low on the horizon.

This W-shaped constellation lying in the Milky Way is easy to find and contains some interesting Messier objects.

The Swan has a really amazing double star and one of the stars of the Summer Triangle, Deneb.

The "Lonely One" as it's commonly known is a bright star visible in the Southern hemisphere.

Learn how to find the Great Square of Pegasus and the globular cluster M15.

Ursa Major
Also known as the Big Dipper and the Plough, Ursa Major is probably the constellation most familiar to all of us.


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