Interviews with Amateur Astronomers

What is amateur astronomy all about? Find out with Lydia Lousteaux's interviews with the ordinary and not so ordinary people with a passion for astronomy!

#15: Space Exploration Enthusiast Lydia interviews a man with a passion for Space Exploration. His own personal mission? To build a full-scale model of the Apollo capsule.
#14: Telescope and Observatory Builder Astronomy Today has the pleasure of interviewing a true craftsman involved in building up an old telescope while constructing a new observatory.
#13: Amateur Astronomy in Finland We interview an experienced astronomer who takes a great interest in CCD Imaging at very high Northern latitudes.
#12: Promoting Astronomy Lydia introduces some disadvantaged kids to astronomy and finds out how enjoyable and beneficial they find this most interesting of pursuits.
#11: Astronomy Author 2 Lydia chats with Guy Ottewell - responsible for an informative astronomical calendar.
#10: Japanese Astronaut Lydia met with a (not so amateur) Japanese astronaut to find out what she could about his career and the lives of those who explore space.
#9: Astronomy Author A chat with the author of "Stargazer" and "Instrument of Science", Dr. Fred Watson.
#8: Young People in Astronomy Lydia interviews some young enthusiasts: starchildren.
#7: Data Wizards and the Clear Sky Clocks Interested in forecasting the weather, see what these Data Wizards have done.
#6: Women in Astronomy A story involving persistence and love for astronomy and life!
#5: Music and Astronomy Music and astronomy? but of course - and a CD on a space mission!
#4: Observatory & Planetarium Coordinator Dept of Physics & Astronomy at the Washburn University of Topeka, Kansas has an Observatory and Planetarium Coordinator and she is Ms. Brenda Culbertson.
#3: Tektite Researcher Tektites are small glassy natural objects of uncertain origin found on Earth and Hal Povenmire researches them!
#2: Asteroid Hunter & Eclipse Chaser Eclipse chasing and asteroid hunting are Richard Nugent's astronomical pastimes.
#1: CCD Astronomer Al Kelly, a highly talented amateur astronomer in the field of CCD imaging.


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