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These rocky bodies are to be found all over the solar system. They vary in size and in composition.
Near Earth Asteroids
NEAs, as they are known, are asteroids that have an orbit around the Sun that brings them into close - and potentially catastrophic - proximity to Earth.
Basic Astronomy Terminology
Want to find out what common astronomical terms mean? Find out in this brief glossary.
The stuff of lore. From Halley's comet to Hale Bopp comets inspire awe whenever they pass close to the Earth.
The stars in the night sky are divided into patterns, learn about them here.
The Moon's Influence on Earth
What effect does our major satellite, the Moon, have on the Earth?
Shooting stars, those flashing streaks of light, that everyone spots. What are they really?
Meteor Showers by month
Details of which meteor showers can regularly be seen in the sky throughout the year.
Viewing the Northern Lights
A brief introduction to auroras - the science behind them and how best to view one.
Radio Astronomy
Not all telescopes are optical. We can learn so much about the Universe using radio telescopes.
What are the different kinds of telescopes that amateurs and hobbyists commonly use?
Buying a Telescope
Have some questions about a telescope purchase? This faq should be of help.
Stargazing with Binoculars
An article with tips on how to get the most from your binoculars along with explanations of some useful jargon.
Buying Astronomical Binoculars
Two part guide outlining what you need to know when buying a pair of binoculars.


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