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We've divided up our articles into different sections for ease of navigation. Hopefully you'll find something of interest. It's a vast Universe out there and we've only captured a taste of it. Enjoy!

Astronomy Articles

Asteroids, comets, meteors are all to be found roaming about space, we discuss them here and much more along with a guide to buying a telescope.

Solar System

The Sun, the Moon and the nine planets. What are our neighbours in the solar system really like? Learn about the conditions on each planet, their own moons, rings and how we came to discover them.

History of Eclipses

In this series on eclipses - both solar and lunar - Norma Reis focuses on the impact of these astronomical phenomena on human society, key moments in history and scientific advancement. A fascinating collection of stories.

Interviews with Amateur Astronomers

Our resident SkyGuide editor Lydia Lousteaux interviews other enthusiastic amateur astronomers who all have something different (often quite unusual) to offer, thus profiling modern practitioners of the oldest science.

Cosmology Articles

A selection of articles on what we (think we) know (and what we don't) about the Universe. The birth and death of stars, the big bang, black holes and a lot more about those profound questions which grab us all when we stare into the sky.

Space Exploration

Space truly is the final frontier. With each new mission we learn more about the very nature of the Universe. From Apollo 11 to the Space Shuttle and Voyager to Cassini, we explore some of the great achievements of the space age.

Comprehensive guide to purchasing a Telescope

This nine part guide is replete with a vast array of common questions from those who are interested in buying a telescope with answers from knowledgeable astronomers.

Constellations and Stars of the Sky

The astronomer's of the Earth's ancient civilisations divided the stars into constellations. Most constellations have an interesting myth or story surrounding their origin. Here we explore a selection of them along with some interesting individual stars and star clusters.

Book Review Section

Here we review a wide variety of books related to astronomy. All reviews are honest and open and written by Astronomy Today team members.


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